KBIS British Equestrian

The KBIS Young Rider squad have all passed the Trot up!

Great news just in from Sweden! The KBIS Young Rider squad have passed the initial veterinary inspection to compete in the 2012 FEI Young Rider Europeans in Malmö.

The British team are named as:
David Doel
Gina Ruck
Evie Paterson
Tom McEwen

Competing for Britain as Individuals are: 
Dani Evans
Isabel Djivanovic

Full horse/rider information for the squad (in alphabetical order) is as follows:

Rider Horse Owner Horse age/height/colour
David Doel, 19 from Wiltshire Kings Cross Mr David & Mrs Maggie Doel & Rider 16/16.1/chestnut
Isabel Djivanovic, 21 from Wiltshire Billy Buzz Mrs Celia Djivanovic & Rider 8/16.1/bay
Dani Evans, 20 from Bristol Raphael II Mrs Vanessa Watson 9/17.1/bay
Tom McEwen, 21 from Wiltshire DHI Lupison Mr Ian Woodhead 8/16.1/chestnut
Evie Paterson, 20 from Shropshire Direct Supreme Rider 10/16.1/bay
Gina Ruck, 19 from Lincolnshire Viper Priba Rider 10/16.1/dark bay


Did you know…The British Olympic silver medal winning team last week included three former Young Rider medalists: Zara Phillips (2002), Tina Cook (1989 and 1991) and William Fox-Pitt (1988-1990).


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