Back drop of Malmö City

The KBIS Young Rider squad have landed in Sweden

The squad of six British Young Riders have arrived in the coastal city of Malmö

Chairman of the KBIS Young Rider selectors, Alex Colquhoun gave us an update of their adventures so far:

“Ok…so we arrived yesterday in the rain which has turned to the most brilliant sunshine. Being next to the sea it is a wonderful place although the team are somewhat bemused to find a nudist beach next door to the Lorry park! There are no major problems although without the team vehicle we would be a little stuck since the stables are a good brisk 25 min walk away. I am feeling very jealous of the Portuguese who have electric scooters.

“A reasonable easy day is expected today although I understand that there is a beach party this evening!”


The team will be decided following tomorrow’s initial trot up – full information regarding the Championships can be found here.


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