Mike E-S’s Greenwich comment

BE’s chief executive commented from todays’s action packed day in Greenwich Park:

“Well done the Brits!! Terrific day all round for the team; not easy on home ground with the weight of expectation. Great to see so many of the world’s best here enjoying such a terrific atmosphere.

Time played its part as expected around the hills and twists and turns of Greenwich. Some surprises, some hard luck stories, some near misses. Its so close at the top and I am not sure who to put money on tomorrow for the individual medals.

One would like to think a team medal is on the cards but the individual is so close and impossible to call. Team GB lying 2nd is right there and tomorrow is all about pressure. Those with the cool heads and fresh, neat horses will prevail. No question that today was tiring for the horses physically and I suspect mentally.

It was an interesting day one way and another but it was so good to see the top guys from around the world at work. Experience told as always and probably no surprises, when the chips are down the tough get going. Crowd support was superb, the whole team has worked so hard to get to this position let’s hope they are rewarded tomorrow. But, still a lot to do and all to play for.

Some nations disappointed, others elated but that’s what it’s like at the top at the major championships.

Well done and thank you to everyone here including all the volunteers for all that they have done and put in, fingers crossed for tomorrow..!”

5 comments on “Mike E-S’s Greenwich comment

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  2. Unspectacular course, reminiscent of a tough intermediate. More a test of avoiding unnecessary slips and slides, and paying too much attention to the delightful scenery and views.

  3. Fantastic viewing! I think they pitched the course just right. Fantastic to watch, testing without being too over demanding or dangerous. Lots of interest & of course the crowds made the atmosphere electric. Exciting, thrilling & a great day! Well done to all involved.

  4. Unspectacular – are you kidding! When at the Olympics the course has to be completely different to that you would see at Badminton Burghley etc it has to cater for a range of countries with varying abilities – I think the course did just that! Well done all involved.


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