Comments from GB eventers so far..

First up today was GB trailblazer Nicola; “he’s unreal – what a fantastic horse. This is his favourite phase by far, when he’s allowed to go xc it’s like his birthdays and Christmasses have all come at once! I’m absolutely privileged to ride such a fantastic horse at the Olympics.”

Mary who was held on course after the rider in front of her had a fall. On her 6th Olympic cross country round she commented: “I’m lucky to only have had 2 time penalties, I was lucky I’d jumped the difficult water and was about to come up so it was a good place for a breather!”

After a storming round from Zara she said: “so proud, he’s such a dude, he lost both front shoes so I was trying to keep him standing up around the corners it’s so slippery and twisty out there.

“We’re so lucky to have it in London, it really makes you want to do better, go faster and gets you going – the only problem is you can’t hear your watch bleeping!!’

Beijing individual bronze medalist Tina Cook delighted the crowds with a fantastic round – the third inside the time for Britain; William Fox-Pitt is yet to come…

2 comments on “Comments from GB eventers so far..

  1. Mark Todd should not hit a tired horse twice after the last fence- what an example to set and a contrast to WilliamFP!


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