London 2012 Olympic Games – British Equestrian nominated entries

Piggy French DHI Topper

Piggy French & DHI Topper

The British Equestrian Federation today named the equestrian athletes and horses they have submitted to the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) as the Nominated Entry List for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Only horses and athletes listed on the Nominated Entries can be put forward to the BOA for selection.

Nations are invited to register a set number of eligible horse and rider combinations in each of the Olympic equestrian disciplines of dressage, eventing and showjumping. From this nominated entry list athletes will be selected to compete for Team GB in the relevant discipline with the remaining combinations forming the reserve list for the team. Only horses and riders from these nominated lists may be considered to compete at the Games.

Britain has qualified the following number of riders to compete in the equestrian Olympic events:

  • Dressage – 4 riders
  • Eventing – 5 riders
  • Showjumping – 4 riders and one reserve

London 2012 Olympic Games
British Equestrian nominated entries dated 03/07/2012

Nominated entries: Eventing

In alphabetical order where the * denotes the combinations selected for Eventing Team GB:

Sarah Cohen with the Preci Spark Ltd’s Treason
Laura Collett with Mr Jason Houghton’s Rayef
Kristina Cook with Mrs Sarah Pelham, Mr Nicholas & Mrs Valda Embiricos’s Miners Frolic*
William Fox-Pitt with Mr Jeremy & Mrs Judith Skinner’s Lionheart*
William Fox-Pitt with Mrs Catherine Witt’s Parklane Hawk
William Fox-Pitt with Mr David & Mrs Margie Hall and Mr Jeremy & Mrs Judith Skinner’s Neuf Des Coeurs
Pippa Funnell with Mrs Carol Toliver’s Mirage D’Elle
Mary King with Ms Janette Chinn and Mr Edwin & Mrs Sue Davies’s Imperial Cavalier *
Mary King with Mr Derek Rostron Baden and the Mares Team’s Kings Temptress
Zara Phillips with the Gleadhill House Stud Ltd’s High Kingdom*
Polly Stockton with Mr Arthur Comyn’s and her own Westwood Mariner
Francis Whittington with Mrs Margrete Paget’s Sir Percival III
Lucy Wiegersma with Mr Christopher and Mrs Sarita Perkins’ Simon Porloe
Nicola Wilson with Miss Rosemary Search’s Opposition Buzz*


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